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The Critical Path from Water Damage to Mold Growth and How SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro Can Help

3/5/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO cleaning up water damage on floor in commercial building basement. Commercial basement flooded.

In the world of commercial business, water damage can strike at any moment, whether due to natural disasters, plumbing failures, or unforeseen accidents. What starts as a minor leak can swiftly escalate into a major problem, including the dreaded mold damage, if not addressed promptly and properly. It underscores the critical need for immediate action and professional assistance.

Understanding Water Damage:

Water damage in commercial settings can stem from various sources: storms, flooding, roof leaks, or plumbing issues. Initially, it may seem manageable, but without swift action, the damage can penetrate deeper into the structure, affecting walls, flooring, and furniture, and can disrupt business operations significantly. The long-term effects include compromised structural integrity and decreased property value, highlighting the need for immediate and effective response.

The Quick Transition from Water to Mold Damage:

The leap from water damage to mold growth is alarmingly quick, often taking as little as 24-48 hours under suitable conditions. Mold thrives in moist, warm environments, making untreated water-damaged areas a perfect breeding ground. The presence of mold not only poses significant health risks, including allergies and respiratory problems, but also leads to structural damage, eating away at wood, carpet, and even drywall. This transformation emphasizes the need for rapid action to prevent mold proliferation.

The Importance of Professional Water Damage and Mold Mitigation:

While the temptation to tackle water damage and mold with a DIY approach may be high, the complexities and risks associated with proper mitigation make professional intervention invaluable. Professionals bring specialized equipment, expertise, and experience in identifying hidden moisture and mold, ensuring thorough removal and remediation. The benefits of engaging experts like SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro include not only the efficient and effective resolution of the immediate issue but also the prevention of future problems, saving time and money in the long run.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro:

For commercial businesses grappling with water damage and mold concerns, SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro stands as a beacon of reliability and excellence. Our team of certified professionals is equipped with the latest in water damage restoration and mold mitigation technologies, ensuring a return to normalcy with minimal disruption. Tailoring solutions to the unique needs of each business, SERVPRO guarantees a swift, effective response, and restoration process. Don't let water damage escalate into a mold catastrophe. Contact SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro today for all your water damage and mold mitigation needs.

Document Restoration for Your Rocky Mount & Tarboro Business

4/6/2023 (Permalink)

As local business owners, we understand the challenges that businesses face in the aftermath of a disaster. SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro has the experience and expertise needed to handle document restoration after a disaster. We have a team of highly trained professionals who understand the intricacies of document restoration and have the necessary tools and equipment to restore your documents to their pre-disaster condition. This means that you can trust us to handle your important documents with care and attention to detail.

When it comes to document restoration, time is of the essence. The longer you wait to begin the restoration process, the more difficult and expensive it becomes to recover your documents. That's why it's important to act quickly and call SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro as soon as possible after a disaster. Our team will respond promptly and begin the restoration process immediately, minimizing the damage and maximizing the chances of a full recovery. Our technicians are trained to appropriately pack out all documents for transportation to the document restoration facility. Our document restoration team has training and experience in specialties, including photo restoration services, document freeze-drying and old document restoration. We use state-of-the-art technology to help restore your paper goods to as close to their pre-damaged condition as possible.

Our team also understands the importance of confidentiality when it comes to document restoration. We take great care to protect your sensitive documents and ensure that they are handled with the utmost discretion. You can trust us to safeguard your business's confidential information and ensure that it remains secure throughout the restoration process.

In conclusion, when disaster strikes, you need a partner you can trust to help you navigate the restoration process and get your business back up and running. SERVPRO of Rocky Mount & Tarboro is that partner. With our expertise in document restoration, range of services, 24/7 emergency response, and commitment to confidentiality, we are the right choice for your business's restoration needs.

Document restoration services are secure, include a chain of custody, and are handled by Master HIPAA certified technicians.

Don't wait – call us today at 252-977-9444 to learn more about how we can help you recover from a disaster.

Hotel & Motel Water Damage Restoration in Rocky Mount, North Carolina

3/6/2023 (Permalink)

Rocky Mount Homewood Hilton SERVPRO of Rocky Mount responded to a water loss for a local hotel. The main water line busted and flooded the entire first floor.

Commercial Water Damage

Water damage can be extremely detrimental to a hotel or motel property, as it can impact the property’s reputation, guest satisfaction, and revenue. Here are some ways in which water damage can affect hotel owners:

  1. Guest satisfaction: Water damage can cause disruptions to the hotel's operations, such as closing down floors or rooms, which can lead to guest complaints and dissatisfaction. The presence of water damage can also create an unpleasant environment for guests, which can negatively impact their experience and lead to negative reviews.
  2. Health risks: Water damage can create a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, which can pose health risks to guests and employees. If not addressed promptly, mold and bacteria can spread quickly, leading to potential health issues and legal liabilities.
  3. Revenue loss: Water damage can result in the closure of rooms or floors, leading to a loss of revenue for the hotel. Additionally, the cost of repairs and restoration can be significant, further impacting the hotel's bottom line.
  4. Property damage: Water damage can cause structural damage to the hotel, such as weakening walls, ceilings, and floors. This damage can lead to costly repairs and potentially compromise the safety of the hotel.
  5. Reputation damage: A hotel's reputation is critical to its success, and water damage can quickly tarnish that reputation. Negative reviews and word-of-mouth can impact the hotel's brand and future revenue potential.

When managing a busy hotel or motel in Rocky Mount, it can be easy to overlook water damage caused by storms or plumbing leaks. It is essential for hotel owners to take water damage seriously and address it promptly to mitigate its impact. Water can enter your property and cause problems such as corrosion, rot, and mold. To maintain the quality of your property and ensure your guests have a comfortable stay, it's important to have your hotel or motel inspected for water damage. By enlisting the help of a skilled restoration specialist, you can address and prevent water damage issues quickly and with minimal disruption to your services.

Commercial Property Inspections

Qualified restoration companies, such as SERVPRO of Rocky Mount, have the necessary resources and personnel to identify, repair, and prevent water damage problems. With the latest advancements in water detection technology, such as infrared moisture detectors and hygrometers, our technicians can accurately locate and determine the extent of saturation. We also have a range of water extractors, including specialized attachments to reach hard-to-access areas, such as crawlspaces and attics.

SERVPRO can set up a meeting to generate an Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) Plan for your building. Having a custom ERP can provide recommendations that help you prevent these incidents from developing in the future, saving you from dealing with large-loss situations that prevent your business from operating normally.

Take advantage of water damage specialists and emergency services available at SERVPRO of Rocky Mount. We serve Nash & Edgecombe Counties. Call today. 252-977-9444

How to Prevent Mold in a Commercial Building

2/20/2023 (Permalink)

Microorganisms can serve a valuable purpose, helping nature in the circle of life. However, inside your commercial building, microbial growth is not so friendly. Mold can cause structural surface damage and respiratory issues for your employees and your customers.

It’s critical to know how to prevent mold in a commercial building so you can control the environment and decrease any risks. The following are three significant factors to consider when dealing with microbial growth in your commercial building:

Are Your Cleaning Habits Making Things Worse?

Bleach and other industrial cleaners kill surface germs. Use them to freshen countertops and scrub away the grime. They do not, however, penetrate porous materials. Spores do. Therefore, some industrial cleaners do not eliminate infestation. They hide it.

Instead of masking the issue, turn to the experts! We will start from the beginning and then find the source, next we will determine how to fix it and lastly, we will extract the infected material.

How does Air Flow Factor in?

One of the most common methods for mold to spread is through the air. Their microscopic size makes it easy for wind and air conditioners to impact their location. If active growth starts within the space, the air movement could influence the overall impact.

Contacting a mold remediation company in Rocky Mount, NC, is essential. Also, mold can hide inside your duct lines. Luckily your local SERVPRO can professionally clean them. HVAC ducts can be cleaned in a variety of ways, but not all are as effective enough to be considered satisfactory by SERVPRO standards. Our technicians are Here to Help® and have the training and the commercial equipment necessary to provide the professional results you deserve and expect.

Your HVAC system can offer many benefits when combating microbial growth by limiting the room's moisture, property owners may reduce the chance of spore growth. Furthermore, most microbial growth cannot grow below 40 degrees. Use your HVAC unit to maintain a cool, dry climate.

When to call the experts?

It is always best to call us sooner rather than later. The sooner we can get there to help is always better. We want to get your business back up and running quickly and effortlessly. We understand that when your business operations are interrupted by mold damage, it causes loss of revenue and productivity. SERVPRO of Rocky Mount provides professional cleaning and emergency restoration services to get your business running smoothly again. We have the training, equipment, and resources to handle any size of disaster there is. We are not only Here to Help® , we want to help!

What Causes Mold in a Commercial Building

2/15/2023 (Permalink)

Microorganisms can serve a valuable purpose, helping nature in the circle of life. However, inside your commercial property, microbial growth can be a serious issue. Mold can cause structural damage and respiratory health issues for your employees and customers.

It’s critical to know what is spreading mold in order to control environmental factors and decrease health risks. The following are two factors to understand when identifying causes for microbial growth in your commercial building:

Moisture & Humidity

If you don't want to be dealing with microbial growth, concentrate on keeping the property dry. Many owners shrug off minor roof leaks or plumbing troubles. These minor problems, however, can be sources of microbial growth of fungus. If you leave them unattended, microbes prosper.

Take proactive measures. Fix plumbing, appliances, roofs, or equipment that is leaking. If water is seeping into your building from the outside, consider waterproofing your building, changing your landscaping to direct water away, and repairing any cracks or other damage that allows water to penetrate your building. Use exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that generate steam. Vent driers to the outside in laundry rooms. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to control humidity during the summer.

Can you stop what is spreading mold? You can work against it by limiting the catalysts and air movement. Keep your property cool, the air conditioner working correctly and the ducts clean. In addition, eliminate spores appropriately with professional services that fix water damage as soon as possible.

Air Flow

One of the most common methods for mold to spread is through the air. Their microscopic size makes it easy for wind and air conditioners to impact their location. If active growth starts within the space, the air movement could influence the overall impact.

Contacting a mold remediation company in Rocky Mount, NC, is essential. The professionals assess the fungus and ducts. If needed, they can scrub and close off some vents to avoid further contamination.

Duct lines can also be professionally cleaned by our team. HVAC ducts can be cleaned in a variety of ways, but not all are as effective enough to be considered satisfactory by SERVPRO standards. Our technicians are Here to Help® and have the training and commercial equipment necessary to provide the professional results you deserve and expect.

The HVAC system can offer benefits when combating microbial growth by limiting the room's moisture, property owners may reduce the chance of spore growth. Use it to maintain a cool, dry climate.

When your business operations are mold damage, you need professional help to get your property back to business. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. SERVPRO of Rocky Mount provides professional cleaning or emergency restoration services to get your business running smoothly again. We have the training, equipment, and resources to handle any size disaster.

Tips for Securing Your Commercial Building After a Fire

4/13/2022 (Permalink)

Be more prepared for damage to your business. If you have more questions, just contact us.

You may breathe a sigh of release and frustration when your fire crews extinguish a fire within your building. The sparks die out, smothered with water, but now you face other obstacles such as security issues, operational concerns and repairing the fire damage.

Therefore, there is no time for owners to stop. Instead, proprietors must work on safeguarding the facilities from intruders, nature and secondary damage. So, if you face the aftereffects of a fire, use the following tips to secure the premises right away.

Tips to insure your business if a fire happens.

1. Keep Unauthorized Personal Away From Fire Damage

Many people see a vacant building and get curious about the inside, especially after a fire or disaster. However, the site remains hazardous with smoke, ash and structural concerns. In Rocky Mount, NC, owners need to ensure that trespassers do not enter the area for several reasons.

First, criminals may see the company as an easy target. They could enter, looting the premises for equipment, product or documentation. This situation hurts the operations, adding the property loss the amount. Minimize this concern by working with a fire restoration company. The experts should evaluate the location for vulnerabilities such as weak doors or busted windows. The crew can place thick plywood over these spots to make it harder to enter.

Secondly, children and adults may think they can check out the fire's damage. These trespassers could get hurt. If that happens, they can file a lawsuit. Therefore, continue to board up and post no entry signs.

2. Eliminate Exposure to Animals and Nature

The land remains at risk to nature, becoming very tempting for the local critters. Openings in the walls and ceiling may seem like a welcome invite to animals who need a place to create a nest or habitat. Squirrels and birds can squeeze through minor breaches, finding nooks quite cozy. Specialists with the fire remediation team can hunt these weak spots down, sealing them off by boarding walls and tarping the roof.

Consider the weather too. If rain or snow gets into the premises, they add to the secondary damage, saturating equipment, files and structural material. This situation adds to the cleaning expenses and jeopardizes an insurance claim. Close off as much as possible to show the insurer good faith and mitigate loss.

3. Reduce the Effects of Lingering Water and Smoke

Focus on the present and the future, arranging for professional fire cleanup. Work quickly to clean, dry and sanitize the impacted space. Remediation employees can scrub and deodorize the affected rooms, removing additional discoloration and ash.

In addition, the fire crew used hoses to drench the flames. This tactic, although helpful, led to water saturation. This moisture needs prompt attention as it quickly absorbs into drywall, flooring and other porous objects.

Unfortunately, this dampness encourages mold growth and harms the materials unless dried or removed promptly. Allow crews to take out anything concerning and replace it with new materials. This measure reduces the chance of fungus, protecting the property from future complications.

In Rocky Mount, NC, owners have a lot on their plates when they face fire damage. The initial calamity has passed, but proprietors must now protect themselves from aftereffects such as water damage, unwanted trespassers and crime. Safeguard as much as possible by closing up openings and notifying others to stay away.

Is Your Business Prepared For a Flood?

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

Follow These Tips, be Prepared For a Flood, and Protect your Business.

Flooding is a lurking disaster that could happen at any time. When it does, is your Rocky Mount, NC business to handle the aftermath? Below are three essential ways to help make it easier for your business to thrive even during an unexpected event.

Important Tips to Protect your Business From Flood

1. Know the Risk

The first step is to determine if your business is located in a floodplain or near one. There are FEMA maps that make it easy to find out, helping you better understand how high of a risk you face. If your business is not in a flood-prone area, that doesn’t mean you are safe. Flash floods are called what they are for a reason. Heavy rainfall and snowmelt also create flood conditions. The building itself also needs to be factored in. Consider hiring a surveyor to determine the elevation of the foundation. If it is different than the surrounding ground, it may be more prone to water leaks.

An additional item to consider is the electrical components. Ensure they are not close to the ground to minimize fire risks associated with a flood. With the knowledge gained, you can then work with your insurance company to determine if additional coverage is needed for flood damage.

2. Establish a Disaster Plan

Every successful business should have a disaster plan established. It should encompass all the potential what-if situations, including an evacuation plan for fires and floods. This should be a detailed document that factors in vital business operations, employee safety and securing equipment.

A key component should be a contingency plan, which will help your business stay afloat during and after the event. If the power goes out, will it result in too much downtime? Consider establishing an alternate location to keep operations going, as well as have all data backed up via the cloud or off-site. Once the plan is established, it can never be overcommunicated. Ensure all employees know what to do in case of an emergency and establish key players to help ensure evacuation or hunkering down happens smoothly.

3. Mitigate the Risk

While flooding may not be avoidable, there are ways to minimize black water damage. There are many options available to help floodproof a business. From simply keeping sandbags on hand to purchasing flood barriers, it may make a big difference. Reinforcing the property is also essential. Ensure that gutters and storm drains are regularly checked for any debris. A backflow prevention check valve should also be installed to keep unwanted water coming up through pipes. Finally, check out the landscaping.

If the area around the foundation is barren, it means water may more easily slip through any cracks. The addition of mulch, plants, flowers and shrubs will help absorb excess water.

While flooding may be something a business owner hopes to never have to deal with, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate. Although total prevention is not possible, having clear knowledge of the risk level, a plan in place in case the event happens and reinforcing the structure are three ways to minimize unexpected downtime and water damage restoration.

How To Lower Business Interruption Costs After Commercial Flooding

2/19/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial Flooding can cause several problems in your Rocky Mount, NC property.

As a property owner or manager, you likely do not fear flooding or other significant damage because you have adequate commercial coverage to serve as protection. While insurance is an excellent resource, any restoration service in Rocky Mount, NC will tell you it is often not enough.

Insurers will usually only cover certain losses, and even then, the extent of coverage depends on how the policyholder deals with the aftermath of the disaster. You have responsibilities as a property owner and manager, and if you want your full coverage if the time comes, you will need to adhere to your obligations, including:

  • Routine property maintenance
  • Reporting all necessary losses
  • Mitigating further loss
  • Keeping thorough records and receipts

Using Restorative Services To Reduce Flooding and Business Interruption Costs

Whether a flood results from a broken pipe, leak or storm damage, you likely want to do all you can to reduce costs and limit business interruptions. Obviously, you cannot eliminate every disruption, especially if dealing with a significant break or leak. Still, with fast action and proper planning, it is possible to minimize your costs and losses with the help of restoration or mediation services.

Calling Restoration Companies for Help

Mounting and large water damage are a lot to handle on your own; it also might not be safe to deal with DIY-style. When you experience significant water damage, you will want to bring in the experts because they understand the various water classifications and categories which will factor into the remediation and cleanup process.

Additionally, professional restoration services can help you communicate with your insurer. It is common for insurance representatives to speak in a way that is confusing and, at times, frustrating to policyholders. The remediation service understands the claims process and can help translate information from your insurer to you and from you to your insurer.

Hiring Rapid Response Teams Reduces Costs

Hiring a professional remediation service can also save you money and your claim. Mitigation companies are known for fast response times. Many legitimate companies can respond to a scene within hours of the disaster. When a company acts quickly, these teams can help to correct specific plumbing issues before they get out of hand.

Additionally, if you start a dialogue with a remediation service before there is anything to act on, the company can help you develop an emergency response plan. The response plan will allow the company to respond even quicker to moments of crisis, potentially mitigating more significant losses and reducing any interruptions. The remediation company saves you and your insurer money by decreasing the recovery timeline and potential losses.

There are many reasons a commercial property might experience flooding, and one of the most significant issues is the frequency of the system's use. Whatever the cause of a flood, it is necessary to respond swiftly to avoid extensive business interruption and costs.

Many insurers already make it challenging to file claims on flood damage, but the process can be made more accessible with a mitigation or remediation expert.

Why deal with floods alone? You have enough to worry about with managing your business or property. It is better to hire a professional who is familiar with restoration and the claims process.

Workplace First Aid for Treating Minor Burns

2/14/2022 (Permalink)

Every employee should know how to administer basic burn first aid.

Whatever the conditions of your Rocky Mount, NC, workplace, there's always a chance of fire. A blaze would not only result in fire damage to the building and its contents, but employees could also suffer burns. All workplaces are required to have a well-stocked first aid kit. Every employee should know its location and how to administer basic burn first aid.

6 Things to Know About Treating Minor Burns

Here are some things to know about caring for a minor burn

  1. Know the Characteristics of a Minor Burn

A minor burn typically includes redness that resembles a sunburn and is no bigger than 3 inches in diameter. There will be pain and possibly blistering, but it usually won't require a medical professional's help.

  1. Cool

First, you'll need to cool the burn by applying a cool, wet compress or holding the burned area under cool running water. Make sure the water is not cold, though.

  1. Remove Constrictive Items

Gently remove any constrictive items from the burned area (e.g., rings or other jewelry, belts). The site will probably swell, so these items need to be removed as soon as possible.

  1. Apply a Moisturizer

When the burn is totally cool, apply a lotion (aloe vera is ideal). Just as fire damage can cause other materials to dry out, it can dry skin, so it's critical to prevent the area from getting too dry. Moisturizer will also make it less painful. Don't break blisters because they protect against infection. If a blister breaks, run water over the area and apply an antibiotic ointment.

  1. Cover

Next, the affected area needs to be loosely covered with a sterile gauze bandage. This will protect the injury from germs and should minimize pain.

  1. Provide Medication

The victim can take an over-the-counter pain reliever if needed. Acetaminophen (e.g., Tylenol), ibuprofen (e.g., Advil) or naproxen sodium (e.g., Aleve) should help.

After first aid is complete and everyone is OK, fire damage restoration professionals should be called. They'll return your building to its preloss condition as soon as possible

How To Maintain Outdoor Sprinklers

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

Keep your Sprinklers in good conditions. If any problem occurs in your Commercial Rocky Mount, NC property, please contact us.

Your outdoor irrigation system plays a crucial role in making your commercial property in Rocky Mount, NC, look nice. To do this, however, all the parts must be kept in proper working order. If one sprinkler head malfunctions, you may quickly have a flood or other problems. Regular irrigation maintenance protocols can keep them in shape.

Maintenance Protocol tips as regards Outdoor Sprinklers

Inspect Annually

A yearly irrigation audit is crucial for many reasons. It reveals problematic sprinkler heads and other parts so that you can replace them. It also helps you identify leaks and gauge the overall efficiency of the system. An important part of the inspection is a precipitation test, which has three basic steps:

  • Place collection cups in every zone.
  • Run the system on full blast for a set period of time.
  • Compare the amount of precipitation in each cup.

The annual precipitation test identifies any trouble spots that may be prone to sprinkler flooding that may not be obvious with mere observation. The test is an easy way to discover problems that need to be fixed.

Check Before Use

Even with yearly inspections, many things can happen to an outdoor sprinkler at any time. Someone may trip over it while walking through the grass and damage it. A dog or other animal may knock it loose while running by or digging. A heavy rainstorm can cause the soil and thus the sprinklers to shift positions. A quick check before you turn the system on helps you identify any problems that need to be fixed first.

Observe Seasonal Changes

Each season brings different irrigation maintenance needs. For example, your scheduled usage is going to be different in the period of the year when rainfall levels tend to be at their highest than it is during drier seasons. According to water damage remediation experts, frozen pipes and sprinkler heads can break when water runs through them, so you must put a plan in place to protect them during the winter months. Depending on your region, this may be as simple as flushing the system or it may involve insulating or otherwise shielding the components from harsh winter elements. Watching for flooding during the summer helps to maintain system efficiency.

Update When Possible

Like all technology, the latest outdoor sprinkler systems offer some improvements over older models. While it is probably not feasible to replace your whole system every time an upgrade hits the market, some newer features more than make up for the cost. Any change that improves your system's efficiency is worth considering. Smart sensors that detect and monitor rainfall may save you so much money in water usage that they end up paying for themselves.

A nice lawn on your commercial property doesn't happen by accident. The irrigation system needs careful attention to keep it working well. A yearly audit of your sprinkler system is a good place to start, but you don't want to leave the rest of the year's usage to chance. Regular checks, timely irrigation maintenance and frequent system upgrades are all necessary components of keeping your outdoor commercial sprinkler system in check.

Mold FAQs

11/19/2021 (Permalink)

Identify and resolve mold growth in your Rocky Mount, NC company, to avoid further damage.

One of the most common problems property owners experience is mold growth. However, many people are not familiar with why mold becomes a problem or how to get rid of it.

Mold Growth Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most frequently asked questions property owners have about mold.

1. How Are Mold and Mildew Different?

Mildew is a term for specific kinds of mold or fungus and usually refers to types of molds that have a flat growth habit. Mold includes all types of microscopic fungi that grow as multicellular filaments. Molds can grow on any type of organic material, while mildew usually grows on windowsills, shower walls, and other areas with high humidity.

2. How Can I Eliminate Mold?

Mold is always in the environment, so you can't completely eliminate it. However, you can reduce the amount of mold on your property by controlling moisture levels. When you discover mold, it is important to clean it promptly and dry out areas with water damage within 24 to 48 hours. Consider hiring a mold remediation company in Rocky Mount, NC, to ensure this process is completed promptly and thoroughly.

3. Do I Need To Test for Mold?

In many cases, if you can see that you have a mold problem, you do not need to test for it. However, sometimes mold testing may be useful for determining how effective cleanup efforts have been. Mold testing may also be needed for detecting hidden mold problems. However, it is recommended that you hire a professional, rather than purchasing a do-it-yourself test kit. These kits may not always produce accurate results and inexperienced users can accidentally spread mold by disturbing spores.

4. Does the Government Regulate Mold?

There are no current guidelines from the Environmental Protection Agency or any other federal agency regarding airborne concentrations of mold or mold spores.

5. How Can I Control Moisture Levels in My Buildings?

Fix plumbing, appliances, roofs, or equipment that is leaking. If water is seeping into your building from the outside, consider waterproofing your building, changing your landscaping to direct water away, and repairing any cracks or other damage that allows water to penetrate your building. Use exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas that generate steam. Vent driers to the outside in laundry rooms. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to control humidity during the summer.

6. Can Ultraviolet Lamps Be Used To Kill Mold?

Some molds can be killed by a properly designed ultraviolet germicidal irradiation cleaner. However, cleaners designed for home use are often ineffective. Only cleaners designed for commercial use should be employed for mold control.

7. What Does Mold Smell Like?

Because mold often grows in hidden areas, the first sign may be the smell. Mold odors are produced by the release of substances called microbial volatile organic compounds. Mold smells are often described as being musty in nature.

The more you know about mold, the easier time you will have identifying and resolving mold growth problems in your buildings. However, even property owners who are very knowledgeable on the subject can benefit from professional assistance when mold testing or remediation is needed.

The Benefits of the SERVPRO Information Center

7/30/2021 (Permalink)

With the help of SERVPRO filing an insurance claim is easier.

After a disaster at your commercial facility, filing an insurance claim can be a complicated process, especially if you are not working with the right restoration service. The specialist at SERVPRO in Rocky Mount, NC, help to make the process easier by becoming the intermediary between you and your insurer. One of the tools the company relies on is the Information Center, which makes communication between the insurance agent, client, and restoration team a breeze. There are four benefits to using the Information Center.

4 Beneftis to Using the Information Center

1. Electronic Job File

Every job handled by SERVPRO is entered into the Information Center starting from the first notice of loss. Following initial contact, the system will also have access to detailed estimates, loss photos, and all forms and paperwork. Additionally, all the updates committed to the system will also be delivered to the clients by hard copy or email.

2. Performance Comparisons

Any insurance claim is subject to approval by an agent or adjuster. To make approval easier for the adjuster, the Information Center provides industry comparisons for similar jobs. The agent can now do all their research within one system rather than scour through multiple resources.

3. Regular Reports

Every client and their insurance representative will have access to regular reporting on the job. Specifically, for insurance purposes, job cost data is provided.

4. Easy Online Access

There is no complicated process for logging in or accessing information. Every client will have access to the primary job as well as pending and completed tasks. There are also reports on any new tasks that arise during the course of completing the assignment.

Filing an insurance claim is not always so simple. However, with the help of the SERVPRO Information Center, the process is easier and more controlled. Both clients and insurers can benefit from working with the remediation specialist in the green van. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call a remediation specialist near you.

How To Respond To Accidental Fire Sprinkler Discharge

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

A fire sprinkler system can be discharged unintentional and cause damage.

As with any automated system, there is a potential for fire sprinklers to discharge accidentally. When this happens, your commercial property could be exposed to soaking. (Flooding is unlikely.) While this risk is minimal (one in 16,000,000, according to loss prevention professionals,) it is important to know how to respond.

Causes of Unintentional Discharge

Although discharges are already very rare, it is possible to avoid them by recognizing the things that prompt an accidental discharge:

  • Freezing temperatures can cause water in wet pipe fire sprinklers to freeze and expand, putting pressure on the pipes from within.
  • Sprinkler systems are designed to discharge when exposed to high heat, so if the pipes or sprinkler heads are situated near heaters, windows in the sun, and other sources of heat, they may discharge.
  • Corrosion may weaken sprinkler system components, especially in older systems that haven't been maintained.
  • Rough treatment and any type of impact can cause damage to components or parts to separate. The best way to avoid the discharge from any damage of this type is consistent inspections and maintenance.

Remember that flooding from fire sprinkler systems is extremely rare, and the systems are designed to keep your Rocky Mount, NC, property safe.

Steps To Take After Discharge

In the event of water damage from an accidental discharge, there are certain steps you should take:

  • Contact your insurance company. The damage may be covered if you work with your representative from the beginning.
  • Keep track of the details of the incident. Fully document the discharge and the damage caused by the water. Take photos of the affected part of your building and any damaged property.
  • Once you receive the go-ahead from your insurance company, contact water damage cleanup and recovery professionals to minimize primary and secondary damage.

Remember that you are ultimately responsible for maintaining and repairing the sprinkler system. Without proper care, the risk of discharge increases and so does the risk of water damage.

Flooding from fire sprinkler systems is rare, and appropriate maintenance goes a long way toward further minimizing the risk of accidental discharge. Your Rocky Mount, NC, property is safer with the systems, so keep inspections and maintenance on your calendar.

5 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Roof

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Protect your roof from storm damage

Your Rocky Mount, NC, commercial building's roof is the first line of defense between the natural elements and your property and contents. Therefore, it's essential to keep it maintained to prevent a roof leak resulting from wind damage or other factors. Replacing the roof or making significant repairs will probably be much more costly than consistently maintaining your roof.

5 Ways to Protect Your Building's Roof

Follow these tips to help protect your building's roof:

1. Regularly Inspect the Roof

You should get a roof inspection at least twice a year (at least once a year by a professional). Experts can identify problems and potential issues during an annual review. They can also teach you how to exam it yourself if you want to do it yourself the other times of the year.

2. Immediately Repair Damage

You may notice damage or potential damage to a portion of the roof during an inspection. Either way, it's critical to get it repaired as soon as possible. Immediate measures will avoid further, more severe damage.

3. Regularly Clear Drainage Systems

Gutters, downspouts and drains can quickly get obstructed by leaves and other debris. This is especially true during storms or autumn when leaves are falling more. Regularly inspect and clear drainage systems to avoid improper drainage and/or a roof leak. Otherwise, it could require the services of water damage restoration professionals and possibly even the temporary closure of your business.

4. Trim Overhanging Limbs

Overhanging and fallen limbs can result in wind damage during high winds. Smaller limbs and leaves can also clog drainage systems.

5. Waterproof the Roof

An essential element of roof maintenance is waterproofing. This precaution will help prevent leaks caused by cracks. Several methods of waterproofing are available. Ask a professional roofer for the best plan of action.

A roof leak can cause severe damage to the inside of the building and its contents if it's not caught and repaired quickly. Maintain your roof regularly to avoid a costly disaster.