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How To Maintain Outdoor Sprinklers

1/13/2022 (Permalink)

An Outdoor Sprinkler. Keep your Sprinklers in good conditions. If any problem occurs in your Commercial Rocky Mount, NC property, please contact us.

Your outdoor irrigation system plays a crucial role in making your commercial property in Rocky Mount, NC, look nice. To do this, however, all the parts must be kept in proper working order. If one sprinkler head malfunctions, you may quickly have a flood or other problems. Regular irrigation maintenance protocols can keep them in shape.

Maintenance Protocol tips as regards Outdoor Sprinklers

Inspect Annually

A yearly irrigation audit is crucial for many reasons. It reveals problematic sprinkler heads and other parts so that you can replace them. It also helps you identify leaks and gauge the overall efficiency of the system. An important part of the inspection is a precipitation test, which has three basic steps:

  • Place collection cups in every zone.
  • Run the system on full blast for a set period of time.
  • Compare the amount of precipitation in each cup.

The annual precipitation test identifies any trouble spots that may be prone to sprinkler flooding that may not be obvious with mere observation. The test is an easy way to discover problems that need to be fixed.

Check Before Use

Even with yearly inspections, many things can happen to an outdoor sprinkler at any time. Someone may trip over it while walking through the grass and damage it. A dog or other animal may knock it loose while running by or digging. A heavy rainstorm can cause the soil and thus the sprinklers to shift positions. A quick check before you turn the system on helps you identify any problems that need to be fixed first.

Observe Seasonal Changes

Each season brings different irrigation maintenance needs. For example, your scheduled usage is going to be different in the period of the year when rainfall levels tend to be at their highest than it is during drier seasons. According to water damage remediation experts, frozen pipes and sprinkler heads can break when water runs through them, so you must put a plan in place to protect them during the winter months. Depending on your region, this may be as simple as flushing the system or it may involve insulating or otherwise shielding the components from harsh winter elements. Watching for flooding during the summer helps to maintain system efficiency.

Update When Possible

Like all technology, the latest outdoor sprinkler systems offer some improvements over older models. While it is probably not feasible to replace your whole system every time an upgrade hits the market, some newer features more than make up for the cost. Any change that improves your system's efficiency is worth considering. Smart sensors that detect and monitor rainfall may save you so much money in water usage that they end up paying for themselves.

A nice lawn on your commercial property doesn't happen by accident. The irrigation system needs careful attention to keep it working well. A yearly audit of your sprinkler system is a good place to start, but you don't want to leave the rest of the year's usage to chance. Regular checks, timely irrigation maintenance and frequent system upgrades are all necessary components of keeping your outdoor commercial sprinkler system in check.

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