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Mold Remediation Testimonials

Thorough investigation revealed the source and cause of mold in the master-bedroom suite, a busted water pipe in the crawlspace under my house. Now, I can quickly get that pipe fixed through my HO Warranty and then get my HO insurance to cover the cleanup and restoration of that space, hopefully using SERVPRO to do job.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I had called 4 other mold remediation places and received no response for a month (despite me informing them I was pregnant and had 2 other children-one with asthma) and then contacted this SERVPRO location and they were amazing from the first phone call! Jonathan and Julie agreed to work with me despite me not living in their service area and I couldn’t have asked for better service. I had mold in a small bathroom from a condensation leak. They did a whole house evaluation, tested my mold and got back to me promptly with the results and for scheduling. My home is a new construction and the builder wad responsible for all fees during the process. They were amazing working with her but still informing me of everything and advocating for me regarding other issues they found during their evaluation. Like I said, I highly recommend them!!